Loren And Rose with Iconic Actress Jacqueline Bisset (Bronxville)

1 hr 23 min | Russell Brown


Bronxville Theater 1 Sun, Jun 25 1:00 PM
Film Info
Cast and Crew Info
Director:Russell Brown
Cast:Jacqueline Bisset
Kelly Blatz
Paul Sand
Erin Cahill
Gia Carides


Rose (Jaqueline Bisset, Bullitt, Francois Truffaut's Day for Night) is a legendary actress trying to revive her career. Loren (Kelly Blatz, The Good Doctor) is a promising filmmaker. Over the course of their many encounters, a deep friendship evolves as their love of art, understanding of grief, and faith in life's potential guide them through personal and creative transformations. 

Plus post-screening Q&A with iconic actress Jacqueline Bisset.